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Priyanka Thaker

Majority of Priyanka’s work is narrative based going around identity and its fluxes. They are not simply pictures, or direct representations of individuals, but icons and indexes of identity. The reckless colours communicate with tremendous intensity the ambiguous phenomenon of role, simultaneously representing the lack of any discernable expression.
Also an academician in Architecture, her research revolves around exploring architecture’s psyche, through the production of wall murals in places, sites and settings, which engender spatial experiences that connect the viewer psychically, as well as perceptually and conceptually, to broader social issues and cultural phenomena. She resonates with the belief that art exists primarily to be enjoyed for its own sake. Her practice “House_of_Berserk” is currently based out of Ahmedabad, India which eventually aspires to work on the idea of preserving the original fabric of neighbourhoods past through public art, facilitating richer
dialogues between the citizens, what remains of their collective memories and their aspirations
or revitalization of historic city districts.

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Art work by Priyanka Thaker