Robolito and native of Curitiba PR - Brazil, and a self-taught artist who works with different artistic languages. influenced by graffiti, cartoons, comic books, UFOs and science fiction films, from this influence began to develop his career in the urban art and other artistic expressions. His work style involves imaginary characters alien robots known as Robolitos as he affectionately calls his creations, his work technique uses geometric shapes dividing the aesthetics of their creations organic parts, machines, objects, hybrid, and the playful.


Born in Curitiba, Robolito is a self-taught artist who focuses mainly on street art, but also brings with influences of cartoons, comics, illustrations, and science fiction films. He created a character that has become his trademark ... such a strong brand that even served to give her stage name, Robolito.

The Robolitos were conceived as imaginary alien robots and the working technique used by the artist in his creation involves three-dimensional and two-dimensional shapes.

The works of Robolito involves several elements that interact with their characters. Among them we can mention the animals, organic parts, machines, ancient cultures and nature in general, and so on. The goal is to merge the aesthetics of their creations with the hybrid and playful.


Among several projects already realized, we can highlight a show exposed quefoi in Chile and included installation of five meters, and also his latest work was the Robolitos Invasion project that consisted of 04 big plants that were exposed Muma, Museo Curitiba Municipal Art.


One of the main factors that influenced the artist to create the character was his humble childhood, deprived of luxuries. Living this reality, he made up his toys using egg cartons, wood and wheels. All this helped a lot for him to develop creativity from an early age.


In his works, one of the features most striking is striking use of vibrant colors. He works his art in order to bring more harmony to the people. In the words of the artist himself '' The Robolitos '' come to Earth to bring the colors. People who see the alien robots realized they are very different from humans. The idea is that this surrealist approach brings a certain harmony to the real world.

Art work by Robolito