George Chionis (Tag name: Crow) is a street artist originating from Greece. He was first introduced into the graffiti scene from the age of fifteen by his friends and crew mates (B.S.K. crew). After his studies as a Graphic Designer he decided he wants to pursue a career in the world of Street Art and so he went to study at Coventry University in England where he specialised mainly in Murals so he can sharpen his skills and experiment on his style.

Whilst always experimenting in new techniques his style is a combination of realistic figures blended with a more geometrical background to make each artwork more dynamic, powerful and hard to miss on the street, inspired by constructivism and cubism.
Being a Mural artist is an amazing thing because you get the opportunity to transform the identity of a building or a wall while at the same time give the people who see it a smile on their face, especially little kids!
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Art work by Crow