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George J Harding

Graffiti was an integral part of George’s life growing up as a teenager in Bristol. His first experiments with spray paint were with stencils with freestyle elements added. He was inspired by late 90’s and early 00’s graffiti scene in Bristol which Noah, Banksy, Inkie, Sickboy and the TCF crew were part of.
Whilst in London for his fine art degree at Chelsea he also became inspired by the euro style of Snor and Panik of ATG. He likes the boldness and immediacy of the medium but sees his fine art practice and graffiti as separate.
George’s pseudonym Hardie featured in an anthology of Bristol street art in Children of the Can and he has made many large scale murals of his oil paintings around Bristol.
He has recently created a sticker of a face that come in a variety of bold colours looking at identity, the self and persona.

Art work by George J Harding

Happy, Sad, Indifferent by George J Harding

Ltd edition giclee print
Size 30 cm X 36 cm
Price £75.00
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John is DJ'ing cool? by George J Harding

Giclee print
Size 42 cm X 60 cm
Price £75.00
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