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Ricardo van Zwol (R75) is a born and raised Rotterdammer. He has a creative mind and specializes in realistic paintings. For the design he is often inspired by the character of a neighborhood or the history of the neighborhood where the artwork is exhibited. This is appreciated and always well received by the people for whom the work is intended.
A number of his works can be seen in Rotterdam.
Ricardo has extensive experience working with different materials and on different surfaces. He attaches value to this because a work of art must be beautiful as well as lasting!

His history is at the Grafisch lyceum in Rotterdam, designer at an advertising agency and at a theme building company. Here he made decors for amusement parks such as De Efteling and Walibi.
In 2006 it started for itself.

He thinks it is beautiful and important to touch people with his work.
That people stay silent for a moment, let it come in. And that it does something good for them ... A proud feeling about the neighborhood in which they live, a warm memory or just a nice feeling by seeing something beautiful.
Creatieve groet,

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