'SEA CHANGE' Greta Thunberg by JODY


‘SEA CHANGE’ by Jody Thomas


Limited Edition print featuring the iconic Bristol mural is available HERE from 10am, 14th November 2019.


No ordinary ‘Down with this sort of thing!’ message.


Less a protest and more a presentation.


Far from a traditional reactionary teenager, Greta Thunberg’s original protest was quiet and very personal. Almost not seeking attention, but instead protesting for her own satisfaction, to be able to calm her own anxiety about potential catastrophic climate change. To be able to cope with the dissonance she saw between the clarity and certainty of the scientific evidence, and the everyday continued blinkered attitude of the population.


It’s impressive that this honest and unrelenting vision would grow to become a focus for the anxiety and concerns of people, particularly younger people, all the way across the planet now seems obvious and unsurprising. The Youth of the late 1900’s have been aware of the Greenhouse effect, of mass deforestation, damage to the ozone layer by CFC gases.


Generations prior to that had the excuse that Progress was presented as infallible or Utopian. We’ve seen New Orleans flooded and side-by-side images of shrunken glaciers. Simultaneously we have popularised larger cars and casual air travel. All this while governments and corporations make claims of sustainability and eco-awareness.


The power of Greta’s message is not only in reminding us what should be done, but in telling us where we have failed.


So… Step up Jody Thomas. How are you going to capture all that in a picture? Well, the word from the Bristol is that he aced it. Greta’s portrait is a hugely popular addition to the library of layers that Upfest has added to the tobacco factory over the last few years. It fills the huge wall perfectly, showcasing the size and strength of character needed to take a personal anxiety and use it to engage with people across the world.


A very literal portrait, almost a passport photo in its framing, but the cold waters creeping up make no doubt that this art comes with a message, a warning. But as well as the cautionary note to the piece, it is also a valid and beautiful celebration of Greta, whose story so far is one of purpose, vision, and a desire to bring people together for a better future. 


Jody has now committed the image to canvas to raise funds for Friends of the Earth.

From Thursday 14 November, 250 signed limited edition prints of Jody’s artwork will go on sale via Upfest – with £10 of each £85 print’s sale going to the environmental organisation.


Stuart Melvin, Grassroots Coordinator, Friends of Earth, says: “With his mural of Greta, Jody created a visually stunning landmark for Bristol that conveys the gravity of the situation we face. We are thrilled and honoured that Jody and Upfest have chosen to support Friends of the Earth in its ongoing work to combat the climate crisis, through this arresting image.”


The launch of the Sea Change. Greta print comes as Bristol Friends of the Earth urges citizens to come together to take local action to combat the climate emergency, by joining its Climate Action Group network.  The network’s first campaign is to encourage local councils to pull their pension fund investments out of fossil fuels.


Geoff Allan, Coordinator at Bristol Friends of the Earth, adds: "What we do in the next few years will determine the future of our world. We know the solutions to climate chaos and there’s still time to act, but we need to work together if we’re to convince our government to act. “Bristol City Council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency and its commitment to net zero carbon by 2030 are very positive moves – and we at Bristol Friends of the Earth want to galvanise action across the city to support it in achieving its ambitious target. Climate Action Groups are there to make this a reality.”


By joining your local Climate Action Group, you can:

    Put pressure on your local councils to put a Climate Action Plan into place

    Learn from Friends of the Earth how to effectively lobby your government to make a difference

    Connect with likeminded individuals in your community and work together.


To learn about the Bristol Friends of the Earth Climate Action network, please visit www.actionnetwork.org/forms/bcagsignup or find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/bristolfoe

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