Art Sales

Inspired by what you see? Be sure to check out the affordable art sale areas at the festival. Most attending artists will have left art for our crew to sell. Buying art at the festival means you are supporting both the artist who've travelled from across the globe and also securing the future of this Free festival for all.

Tobacco factory

This year we will be releasing 10 new limited edition prints by some of our lead artists, all available from the tobacco facotry cafe bar along with a large range of paper works by participating artists.

Raleigh Road

Official upfest Merchandise stall in collaboration with Tangent Books, check out the official upfest stall, to pick up your official t-shirts, books and other Bristol goodies.

Upfest Gallery

Will play host to an exhibition of artwork from those participating in the festival, along with spray paint, pens books and clothing.

North Street Standard

Will play host to an exciting exhibtion from our festival artists.


New amazing sales room to be announced soon for 2017