Upfest 2022 Registration is now OPEN | Upfest

Upfest 2022 Registration is now OPEN


Artist Registration for Upfest 2022 is open, and will close on the 6th February. Registrations received after this date will not be considered.

Welcome to Upfest - The Urban Paint Festival, Europe's largest street art and graffiti festival celebrating anything and everything that brightens up our streets. 

What's new for 2022?

We are changing the format of the festival for 2022 in order to deal with increasing visitor numbers. The permanent wall pieces will be painted between 6th May - 25th May building up to the live festival happening over the weekend 28th – 29th May at the Tobacco Factory, Greville Smyth Park and Ashton Gate Stadium.

Who can apply?

Any practicing artist, graffiti writer or the like is welcome to register interest in painting at the festival. All that we ask is that you're a nice person and happy to paint in front of 1000's of visitors. Due to the sheer volume of artists that attend the festival, we are unable to support artists financially, we will however supply some materials. ‚Äč

Due to cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 festivals, artists that were accepted in 2020 will be offered spaces first. We are expecting in excess of 1000 registrations for around 200 remaining spaces. If you are unsuccessful it's not that we don't want you, it's just that we must limit it somewhere. Please also note for 2022, if you have painted at Upfest before, this does not guarantee you a spot (we want to give opportunities to many different artists).

Artists will be informed if they have been successful by the end of February. Please note that our team is extremely busy at this time of year. Please refer to the Artist FAQ & Info before contacting them.

With over 400 artists painting and permanent surfaces limited, the majority of artists will be offered primed boarded surfaces erected for the festival weekend. They are suitable for spray paint, markers, and paints of most kinds.

If you are only interested in a permanent wall space, please tick the option 'I am only interested in a permanent wall space' in the application section. If you want the best chance of being offered a space, leave this option unticked.

Please complete all the details IN FULL to register for Upfest 2022. Incomplete registrations will be deleted.

If you have any questions before registering please refer to the Artist FAQ & Info page.

To begin your registration, please state if you are applying as an individual, pair or crew.