Spot the Badger

Spot The Badger, Bristol based Badger maker.

Why Badgers? I’ve always been drawing and making things but lacked direction in my output. I needed a focus, and ‘Spot The Badger’ is where I found it. A weekly competition in my local paper to ‘spot’ a tic-tac sized Badger hidden in one of the paid-for ads, I created a stencil of this little Badger and began to draw him in different styles, leading me to where I am today.

I’m still developing as an artist, I’m self-taught, starting in hand-cut craft and now adding paint and spray to my Badger making arsenal. I enjoy learning new techniques and trialing different materials to create my work. I love following what others are doing and I’m eager to learn and develop further. My end goal is to develop the skills to create large scale street art murals.

Who wouldn't smile at seeing a 20ft Badger? 

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Art work by Spot the Badger