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A L Grime

Ally Grimm aka A.L. Grime is a Venezuelan-American artist living in Denver, CO. She has been making art for 7 years in various mediums including illustration, painting, and murals. Grimm has shown work in galleries and in public spaces across the US in cities like Los Angeles, Austin, Miami, Denver, New York, DC and more. 

Her artistic practice is an exploration of the human experience through the rise of the technological era. The patterns in her work represent the chaos of overstimulation and information fatigue we experience on a day to day in today’s tech-forward world. The abstract portraits in A.L. Grime’s work are immersed in the chaos yet they always emerge composed and strong, representing the resilience of humanity. Her work seeks to explore the intersection of art and technology through a multimedia creative process and the integration of immersive tools such as AR and NFTs.

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Art work by A L Grime