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Are you a business looking to enhance your surroundings or a creative agency, architect or property developer working with a client looking for something unique? Are you a homeowner or art collector wanting to bring a mural to your home? Then speak to our creative team.


We can work with you on your artistic project in a number of different ways - from concept and creative planning through to delivery - to create artworks that bring your vision to life and have the kind of impact you’re looking for.



Artwork for Business

Having worked with hundreds of artists, the Upfest gallery has curated artwork into all types of businesses, from hotels and restaurants to public spaces. Our gallery which initially focused on Urban art has diversified over the years into illustration, abstract and contemporary art giving our clients access to the artwork which fits their requirements.

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Art Murals for Business

Mural production is our speciality, we have project managed graffiti murals 50m tall, street art murals for product launches through to smaller artworks in schools. The process always starts with a fact find, shortly followed by a health and safety site assessment. Once budgets are agreed we’ll support the artist in the mural production. 

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Art for Events

Having hosted Europe’s largest street art festival for the past ten years we fully appreciate the stresses and strain which come with organising events, our team have worked closely with several festivals bringing creativity both live and pre-painted to event sites enhancing the visitors experience without the stress to you the organiser.

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Public Art Installation

Public Art Installations can be some of the most complex projects we’re involved in, with multiple stakeholders, public safety and creative processes we can bridge the gap between the commissioning party and the artist. Our technical team will not only work within the public considerations but also support the artist in bringing their vision to reality whether 2D, 3D or multiple sensory.

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Production Team

We don’t just find the right artist for you, we’re proactively involved in 90% of the projects which are brought to us. From health and safety to wall preparations our experienced production crew can project manage the whole process if you require us to. All our crew are IPAF certified and many have their own specialities from fabrication to electrics.

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Our Clients

The National Trust, Facebook, Just Eat, Wessex Water, Yext, Bristol City FC, Cabot Circus, Colston Hall, Climbing Wall Solutions, Out of Hand, Bristol Old Vic, Bristol City Council.

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