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Spray Paint

Need spray paint in Bristol? Look no further, the Upfest Gallery is Bristol's longest running supplier of Spray Paint to the Bristol Street Art & Graffiti scene. We only stock the best quality spray paint at great prices, we pride ourselves on having the right colour you need, in stock, all of the time. Visit our new expanded paint room offering over 500 colours of beautiful spray paint.

Not only do we supply Bristol's most well known artists, we also supply schools, prop companies and animation companies such as Aardman. The paint we sell has been designed to stick to almost anything, and can be used to freshen up cupboard doors in the kitchen to garage doors outside. On average a single can will cover 2 square meters, making it a quick and affordable way to add a bit of colour to your life.

KOBRA - HP Spray Paint

(Download the kobra colour chart here).

HP - HIGH PRESSURE: KOBRA spray paint has a high 'solid' content to ensure great coverage on any surface. It is perfect for painting on canvas, wood, metal, glass, paper, card, plastic, concrete, brick and more. The spray paint adheres to the surface quickly allowing minor risks of drips.

KOBRA is an all-season spray paint, the special formula does not suffer in high humidity or cold. It is also compatible with most other spray paints on the market due to its acrylic formula. The spray paint has a matt finish and dries fast. Due to its special soft valve, the user has total control during spraying even when maximum precision is required. KOBRA have revamped their colour chart to include 145 colours. Some colour names have changed & they've also introduced some new ones!

Montana MTN 94 Spray Paint

(Download the colour chart here).

189+ Colours. This Low presure can, matt finish Spray Paint, is the weapon of choice of many street artists, aside from a vast range of colors, MTN 94 offers a nine step chromatic gradation for an incredible range of shading. For artists, this is a unique and invaluable tool when executing highly complex pieces of art. MTN 94 gives artists unmatched flexibility when trying to achieve precise nuances or effect. An ideal choice for beginners and pros alike. £4.60 per can, discounts on multiple can orders.

Montana MTN 300 Waterbased Spray Paint

(Download the colour chart here).

50+ Colours. This is the latest addition to the MTN family of paints, MTN 300 Waterbase is a revolutionary formula produced for interior and exterior application. Water soluble, with high quality pigments allows for superior coverage and control while the low oder resins make it suitable for any application. Recommended for fine art, graffiti or any professional interior or exterior project. This new paint is proving very popular with workshop organisers and indoor muralist, the longer drying time allows for paint manipulation (crazy effects), go on, try it, check it out. £5.50 per can.