AJTS25 | Upfest


Angel Torres is an urban graffiti artist and self-taught studio painter. Born 1983 and raised in
San Pedro Sula, Honduras. From an early age he began to develop his natural talent for drawing and painting. He was one of the first graffiti artists in the city of S.P.S in recent years, is known as AJTS25. This name serves both for the acronym of the work and for the pseudonym. Known for his style characters on universes and his passion for painting natural characters, specifically birds, specialist in using spray of bright colors and neons in addition to the use of acrylic. From its beginnings in the 2012 graffiti scene his works on the roads and walls of the hometown were clearly recognizable. Parallel to his work in the street, AJTS25 also begins to produce more intimate works in his studio, with which from 2014 he evolves towards a more personal path. In artistic pieces that could be classified as Surrealism Pop with a clear essence of the street. In his work, multicolored geometric architectures are fused with organic forms, bodies with identity, animals, a multitude of conflicting symbols that encourage reflection ... Among other works has been the image of the Sprite line of the "Express Refresh" campaign based on urban art and graffiti.

Art work by AJTS25