Aleksandr Hade

Aleksandr Hade – CG and traditional artist, designer from Orsha city (Belarus).
Has taken an active part in versatile installations, exhibitions and events (VULICA BRASIL 2014 , Must Act – Must Art, Vinyl Toys Show  etc.)
The mixture of academic painting, decorative painting and cartoon style simultaneously defines and provides a solid basis for the very particular style of his work, while his passion for experiments sets the pitch not only for his characters but for the story illustrations as well.
Aleksandr’s works are easy to be found in private collections, at exhibitions, on the streets of Belarusian cities and towns and far beyond the borders of his homeland.
The front layer of Aleksandr’s works may seem pretty obvious and straightforward at first sight, though almost always has its hidden meaning or a story to tell. The whole essence of his art concludes in prompting the audience to speculate on the real storyline and the idea beneath the seem-to-be-evident form.
Aleksandr mostly touches on the themes of diverging time, people’s attitude to the nature and mythology.

View all artwork by: Aleksandr Hade, Upfest Gallery, Upfest 2016

Art work by Aleksandr Hade