Bev G Star | Upfest

Bev G Star

Bev.g.Star is an creative artist born and raised in Weston-super-Mare. Her love for street art started as a child when she would imagine the walls around her home town painted with colour to bring life to grey spaces. 
This artist has painted for The Weston Wallz project, BOS Fest, local spray jams and has various pieces that can be found on her home towns street art trail. 
She likes to use colour with bold outlines to make an impact within her spray paint work alongside a style that has been developed by making lots of mistakes. 
Bev has many creative skills and spends her time helping others connect with thier creativity by hosting meaningful workshops in her community including people recovering from substance abuse and humans looking to grow. 
Dedicating her life to art in its many media, she is always up for using creativity to bring people together and develop her skills. 
She says: "Painting at UPFEST is the absolute dream and I feel blessed for this opportunity" 

Art work by Bev G Star