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Billy is a visual artist with a particular focus on projects embracing social enrichment and engagement within communities. Her typically bold and vibrant artworks are created with the intention to communicate stylistically unique ideas, filled with a narrative of playful motifs and wellbeing. 

Billy is inspired by real life events and has painted her artwork internationally creating a colourful visual language in all kinds of public spaces, collaborating with organisations that contextualise art to its environment, particularly in the places and with the people that need it most.

Billy currently lives in Bristol and words all over the UK and beyond.

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Art work by Billy

Peace Puffin Notebook by Billy

Plain Notebook
Size 10.5 cm X 15 cm
Price £4.00
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A5 Notebook - Plain Paper by Billy

Blank Page Notebook
Size 15 cm X 21 cm
Price £5.00
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Funny Little Nugget and His (Fun) Friend by Billy

A Silly Book by Billy. Based on real life events. Appropriate for Kids and Adults.
Size 13.5 cm X 15 cm
Price £4.00
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Dreamfeed by Billy

Acrylic on Canvas
Size 40 cm X 50 cm
Price £500.00
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Nice Slice by Billy

Acrylic on Canvas
Size 20 cm X 30 cm
Price £280.00
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Hope You Are Ok by Billy

Giclee Print
Size 20 cm X 20 m
Price £25.00
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Coke Ladies by Billy

Riso Print
Size 29.7 cm X 42 cm
Price £20.00
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