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Emerging from Rural Somerset Boswell presents us with a mixed up twisted world where the likes of freakish anthropomorphic creatures stalk apocalyptic landscapes co-existing with lost and obsolete technologies, which have mutated and taken on a new life. Boswell’s weird and wonderful visions are fuelled by a powerful imagination, a soup of the mind whose ingredients range from a childhood brought up on comics, old horror movies, sci-fi, northern European fairy tales, weird 1970 s kids T.V, and Punk Rock to name but a few of the influences.

Miasma is a collaborative visual art project twinning both Boswell and Craug's styles. They debuted their work at Birmingham’s City of Colour festivalFusing Mutated and Psychedelic forms ,Miasma create ethereal worlds not for the faint of mind!
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Art work by Boswell