Born in 1987 in Marseille, Tom Bragado Blanco, aka «Braga» has been drawing from an early age. Though self-taught, he is fascinated by urban art,and he soon started customising various items of clothing under the name of “Q.ter” (shoes, t -shirts, sneakers, caps) with various techniques and was commissioned to create artistic frescos in individual private houses (children’s rooms, “trompe-l’oeil” illusions, etc.) and in public places (luxury hotels, train stations, theaters, and societies.) Regularly invited to perform in street art events in the region, he has also exhibited in alternative cultural circles. In 2015, he adopted a new artist name «Braga», as a symbol of a new carreer development and he became artist in residence within the project Trait Public (Marseille), a pop-up gallery based on interdisciplinarity in the arts. 
A paradoxical flavour floats in the work of Tom Bragado Blanco. If his influences seem to be based on cartoons or animation, they incorporate an urban environment from which they borrow tools and whose colours they brighten, all tempered by a hint of surrealism. His creative process lies in the fluid shaping of conflicting situations of the world, by the naïve observation of reality contrasted with a scrupulous mastery of technique, precise lines, and rigour in perspectives and proportions. Here, the artistic process becomes an instinctive expression of a new language, and whose topics range from the possibility of a pictorial world that replaces the written word, to an imaginary permeable environment. The artist develops critical, sometimes provocative reflection, particularly based on the contradictions of the entertainment sector, of the art market and of the status of the artists bound to it. For this very reason, the viewer is invited to scrutinise the details of each of these creations in turn, and thus develop the acuity of their eyes. 
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Art work by Braga