Bungle | Upfest


Having studied as a graphic designer in the early 90's Bungle's time finally ran out and reality took hold, he walked away from what he enjoyed so he could get a job doing something else. Bungle was sucked into the rat race but then it all came back to him; he started drawing again and got into stencilling, he sees everything in layers now. His sweet tooth for urban street art imagery grew. Paste-ups, spray painted graffiti, stencils and stickers all became a huge part of his life. His obsession to paint has born an artist who uses acrylics and spray paint with stencil and freehand techniques to make interesting and challenging work he can fine tune and exhibit on any object if for no other reason than to keep his own sanity. Bungle takes the iconic, famous, beautiful, glamorous and the unremarkable and creates an image with meaning either hidden or unashamed as he looks to question things we see in our daily lives

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