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Cecilia Panteli

Cecilia Panteli is a London born mixed media illustrator. Based in Bristol for the last three years, her work ranges from Animation, Photography, Writing and primarily expressive mixed media drawings, focusing on the continuity of lines and forms. Her work fluently focuses on darker more erratic aspects of life, with projects on tabu themes such as, war and conflict, self destruction, isolation and internal/ external chaos. 

Currently working on an experimental autobiographical artist book, she combines personal visual essays with past, present and future works, to deconstruct and reevaluate how herself and others fit into the world around them. She is fond of human error and the beauty in imperfections. Never afraid to make a big mess, as she often finds herself doing, combining any and all mediums, styles and themes together to reflect her multiperspective ideas and personality into her work. 

Art work by Cecilia Panteli