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Cheo is one of Bristol’s most well known street artists who began drawing and painting graffiti characters in the mid 1980’s. With a very recognisable cartoon style that has been inspired by the comic book characters of Vaughn Bode. His trademark is a cute bumble bee character which can be seen on most of Cheo’s pieces, from sketches, colour marker illustrations and wall art.

Art work by Cheo

Cheograffical by Cheo

Soft Back Book of Maps
Size 21 cm X 30 cm
Price £14.95
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Gas Face by Cheo

paint pen on NY Subway Map
Size 78 cm X 93 cm
Price £595.00
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Retro Flow by Cheo

Exclusive AR print.
Size 50 X 50
Price £150.00
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Reminisce Over This by Cheo

Limited edition giclee print Ed.250, signed and numbered
Size 70 cm X 50 cm
Price £150.00
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Grizzy Rascal by Cheo

Limited edition giclee print, Edition of 25
Size 70 cm X 50 cm
Price £125.00
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Felt Up by Cheo

Spray Paint & Paint Pen on Wood
Size 61 cm X 58 cm
Price £600.00
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Fancy Cans by Cheo

Collectors Original Drawing on Paper
Size 43 cm X 53 cm
Price £400.00
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Ain't nothing but a G thang by Cheo

Limited Edition Print
Size 29.7 cm X 42 cm
Price £65.00
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Graff Morph Kids Tee by Cheo

SALE was £15 100% Cotton Tee

Price £10.00
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Graff Morph by Cheo

limited edition giclee print
Size 42 cm X 59.4 cm
Price £100.00
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