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Cheo is one of Bristol’s most well known street artists who began drawing and painting graffiti characters in the mid 1980’s. With a very recognisable cartoon style that has been inspired by the comic book characters of Vaughn Bode. His trademark is a cute bumble bee character which can be seen on most of Cheo’s pieces, from sketches, colour marker illustrations and wall art.

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Art work by Cheo

Cheograffical by Cheo

Soft Back Book of Maps
Size 21 cm X 30 cm
Price £14.95
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Gas Face by Cheo

paint pen on NY Subway Map
Size 78 cm X 93 cm
Price £595.00
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Retro Flow by Cheo

Exclusive AR print.
Size 50 X 50
Price £150.00
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Reminisce Over This by Cheo

Limited edition giclee print Ed.250, signed and numbered
Size 70 cm X 50 cm
Price £150.00
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Grizzy Rascal by Cheo

Limited edition giclee print, Edition of 25
Size 70 cm X 50 cm
Price £125.00
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Felt Up by Cheo

Spray Paint & Paint Pen on Wood
Size 61 cm X 58 cm
Price £600.00
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Fancy Cans by Cheo

Collectors Original Drawing on Paper
Size 43 cm X 53 cm
Price £400.00
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Ain't nothing but a G thang by Cheo

Limited Edition Print
Size 29.7 cm X 42 cm
Price £65.00
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Graff Morph Kids Tee by Cheo

SALE was £15 100% Cotton Tee

Price £10.00
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Graff Morph by Cheo

limited edition giclee print
Size 42 cm X 59.4 cm
Price £100.00
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