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Chloe Pinheiro

Chloe Pinheiro is a Wiltshire based artist who works with free-flowing movement, to create unique, multi-layered, and colourful abstract pieces inspired by nature. Chloe has a focus on natural water sources, in particular the geological surroundings and weather patterns that impact the flow of water. By capturing areas of light and shade refracted through the water's surface, Chloe draws the viewer
into the uncompromising energy, elegant forms, and unyielding motion of nature's tidal strength. Highlights in Chloe’s artistic journey to date, include displaying work in exhibitions, art trails, opens and galleries within the South-West. A high point of 2023 was selling work at The Brick Lane Gallery, London.

Art work by Chloe Pinheiro

Shepherds Delight by Chloe Pinheiro

Acrylic on Canvas
Size 53 cm X 43 cm
Price £300.00
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Spring by Chloe Pinheiro

Acrylic on Wooden Panel with Resin Glaze in a White Box Frame
Size 33.5 cm X 33.5 cm
Price £220.00
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