Craug | Upfest


Hailing from Birmingham UK, CRAUG's style is inspired by organic forms, dark art, psychedelia and outsider art. Craig's artwork is born via a multi medium approach, from sculpture, photography to illustration and digital media. He enjoys creating work which fuses these mediums seamlessly. Over the past few years Craig's work has been exhibited in many international shows and publications. His creations have recently featured in 'the Scary stories to tell in the Art' exhibition in Texas USA, a show in Rome alongside the late great HR Giger, the Psychedelic Blasphemy art book by USA based Howl publications as well as the French Macabre arts collective The United Dead Artists.

Miasma is a collaborative visual art project twinning both Boswell and Craug's styles. 
Fusing Mutated and Psychedelic forms ,Miasma create ethereal worlds not for the faint of mind!

Art work by Craug