Daisy Hvnter | Upfest

Daisy Hvnter

Daisy Hvnter's artistic practice weaves together inclusivity, activism, and cosmic exploration. Daisy's cosmic collages and sensory installations transport viewers to celestial realms whilst championing disability activism. Through her inclusive workshops and collaborations, she amplifies underrepresented voices, reshaping the artistic landscape.


Daisy's achievements, including securing DYCP Arts Council England funding in 2022 and exhibitions at The Vestibules and Arnolfini, highlight her dedication to the arts. Collaborating with organisations like Rising Arts Agency, B Arts and 'a space' arts, she has championed inclusivity within the creative sector. Her innovative 'Knowle Pole' and 'Galactic Santa' outdoor installation and mural in Bristol showcase her ability to merge art with community engagement.

As a disabled and neurodivergent artist, Daisy's unique perspective fosters environments that champion diverse abilities. From co-designing inclusive green spaces to founding Bone Idle—a collective and platform for marginalised creatives—her commitment to social change shines through. Daisy Hvnter is more than an artist; she is a trailblazer of creativity, inclusivity, and advocacy

Art work by Daisy Hvnter