Dale Grimshaw

Dale Grimshaw was born in the deep, dark north of England (Lancs). He first got into art painting still life's as a young boy, copying punk record covers & fueled on by a cheap copy of Constable's painterly classic 'The Cornfield'. After seeing 'The Stranglers' daubed on a bus stop wall whilst at primary school he became intrigued by graffiti and his first real foray into this area came in the 80's - involving a McDonalds window, a large political slogan & some pink household emulsion.

Art work by Dale Grimshaw

Untitled by Dale Grimshaw

Spray paint on board
Size 115 cm X 140 cm
Price £1600.00
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Golden Ratio III by Dale Grimshaw

Giclee Print
Size 70 cm X 50 cm
Price £150.00
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