Daniel Doebner

Daniel Dbner, born in Aachen - Germany, 1974, primarily an illustrator until he discovered Spraycan Art in 1990 and since then he knew that he had crossed the river of no return.In 1994 he received his certificate of apprenticeship as a carpenter, however since 1996 he has been presenting his art work across Europe and further afield with exhibitions, projects and commissioned works. Going back to study Illustration from 2001 till 2005 at the University for Applied Sciences in Mnster Germany he focused on childrens books, deepened his knowledge of Illustration and has gone on to help publish four books and five board/card games to date. Since 2005 he has lived in Amsterdam and in addition to Illustration he also now works as a digital visualizer for advertising companies in the Netherlands. Daniel is a versatile Illustrator and graffiti artist who likes to experiment a lot with analog techniques and surfaces of all kinds which next to his life as a digital visualizer, this for him is like going back to the essence of what he loves.

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Art work by Daniel Doebner