Danny O'Connor | Upfest

Danny O'Connor

Danny O'Connor aka DOC is a Graphic Arts Graduate from Liverpool's John Moores Art School. There is a strong graphic element visible in his paintings. With influences from Character Design, Comics, Illustration and Graffiti Art, all pulled together to create his stylised portraitures. He uses a wide range of media to create his work from acrylics, spraypaint, ink and paint markers, to household paints such as gloss and emulsion. The result is visually striking paintings full of energy, often with expressive brush strokes and splashes of paint with an almost hypnotic appearance. The strong urban influences are reflected in the work he places on the street for passers by to view and take with them if they wish. The street application of the work adds fresh dimension to the paintings, bringing the characters in them to life and sharing his passion for his work with everyone.

Art work by Danny O'Connor