Srđan Dimić aka Demon is old school writter and one of the pioneers of graffiti scene in Serbia. Every sketch is a handmade plastic miniature.
With perception of the letters itself, he attempts to express his own ego and, in a certain way, tries to paint a self-portrait.
All of his works are based, by their structure and/or form, on impact of constructivism, robotics with a special emphasis on industrial robotics and cybernetics.
The artworks of Srđan Dimić are recognizable through compulsive precision and perverted pedantry.
Developing an authentic style, he also develops modeling in plastic, drawing and painting by various techniques.
Also, in the past few years, he added to his opus engineering and sculpting transforming robot figures in a 3.3/4 inch scale. Completely handmade.
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Art work by Demon