Dodici | Upfest


With his unique style and characters Dodici brings alive art in everyday life. As an Italian illustrator from Rome Dodici moved to the Netherlands in search of new visions and opportunities. After his move and some Dutch cultural experience Dodici began shifting his approach and techniques moving from paper to wall. Always testing his creativity with new materials and execution as well as his performance on multiple architectural elements whether interior or exterior walls and sculptures. Constantly observing the world around him Dodici mimics people’s daily life and routines within his art, his style being minimalistic usually in black and white expresses his work best. In his few years living in the Netherlands Dodicis work has spread quickly, he participated and took on many commissions as well as taking part in Rotterdam's second PowWow festival with his eyes and art constantly on the horizon Dodici certainly embraces any challenge. 

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Art work by Dodici