Eisk | Upfest


The German artist Eisk has been active since the early 2000's and got deeply involved in the scene in 2010 at the meeting of styles in Wiesbaden, Germany, the international festival's birthplace. His early pieces were a combination of photo realistic images, 3D graffiti and exploded views of technical devices. Since 2015 he has been mainly practising an anaglyph style including graffiti and sculptures.
The topics of his anaglyph graffities are always related to a country's invention, e.g. Lego in Denmark, a sextant in Portugal and Tetris in Russia. As an engineer, he is fascinated by technology and construction and therewith wants to remind people of the inherited inventions throughout history. Since his early beginnings, the fascination for technical devises has always persisted. 
Due to the technical background he continues integrating the typical annotation arrow of technical drawings since his early pieces.

Art work by Eisk