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Oneline meets coloursplash

The work is bold, colourful and manages to be whimsical and thought provoking at the same time.

Based in Zurich and the Gambia, ELF is making the world a brighter and happier place 
with her unique trademark oneliner style derived from her early Graffiti days. 

Travelling the planet, doing murals and exhibitions, 
she also works on commissioned artworks for private collectors.

ELF: "I am in for the thrill of fighting all sorts of grey."


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Art work by ELF

The Future Is Unknown, So Is Your Potential by ELF

Framed Work On Paper
Size 16 cm X 11 cm
Price £120.00
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Stay True to Yourself by ELF

Mixed Media On Paper Bag
Size 22 cm X 35 cm
Price £250.00
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The Dog by ELF

Mixed Media On Cardboard
Size 21 cm X 30 cm
Price £250.00
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