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Eyesaw’s involvement in the street art scene, as a street, graffiti, and urban artist, spans back to the early 2000s. Starting out with basic tags and letter forms, and later developing into more thought-provoking artworks using a wide variety of techniques such as stencils, stickers, paste ups, and freehand graffiti murals.  

Not limited to the street, self-taught artist Eyesaw also adopts a wide range of skills within his studio practice. The use of mixed media, sculpture, printmaking, acrylic, spray, and oil paint can be found throughout his studio work.

Eyesaw's work draws inspiration from popular culture, iconic symbolism, typography, logo design, propaganda, and advertising.

His work, while constantly challenging the status quo and questioning of accepted social norms, is always faithful to the natural artistry of the forms and subjects he depicts.  

Eyesaw’s work has been exhibited in countless galleries and festivals throughout the U.K. Europe, USA, Netherlands, and Japan.

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