Fleks & Mr Mister | Upfest

Fleks & Mr Mister

We are two graffiti artists from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Mr. Mister from the early generations of Eindhoven graffiti artists and Fleks, a younger generation that nowadays can be considered an ‘old’ generation as well. MR MISTER is the man that can drop styles for miles, from complicated mechanical graffiti pieces to landscapes with birds, mushrooms organic shapes and letters that triggers everybody's imagination. FLEKS paints retro futuristic cityscapes with his iconic graffiti spaceships that look like flying old school subway trains. When MR MISTER and FLEKS come together to collaborate they work their own forms and elements combined with their general direction for the wall / painting in a way that is always different but never boring. 

Art work by Fleks & Mr Mister