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Goin, a resident artist of the Abode of Chaos, brings creativity born of a renowned ten-year legal battle to Bristol's UPFEST.Goin, a french stencil artist with a deep-rooted punk legacy, introduces the atmosphere and values of his artistic domicile, the famous Abode of Chaos to Bristol. He mixes graphics and typography with violent and chaotic panache to produce stunning results. Visitors to the UPFEST will be captivated by the merging of message and technique, which proves to be capable of taking their minds to the replica war zone that the highly controversial Abode of Chaos recreates in a peaceful village outside Lyon. According to the New York Times it is one of the most important and most emotional artistic adventures of the 21st century. Goin describes his work as being a subversive bomb, an initiation into the critical spirit and the approach of a new type of abrasive and denunciatory art. Allying learnedly fineness and deconstructivism, Goin transcends us by his technique and by his committed message. At the French location, over 3,123 works of art express the alchemical chaos of the twenty-first century in a free, open-air museum. The unique venue has been the subject of an on-going law suit for over a decade and is set to continue in the European Court of Human Rights. In perpetual mutation, Goin, its a militant-powered picture seen by the prism of a possessed graphic art. For further informationwww.goinart.netwww.abodeofchaos.org

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