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Born in 1990, in the Lisbon suburbs, Guizo is a Portuguese artist that developed his interest for urban culture when he was just 12 years old. That interest opened several doors that abled him to meet people in that environment and contact with other cultures and lifestyles with which he would identify himself. Inevitably he pursued an academic career based in arts, where he completed a degree in Design and a Master's in Communication Design with the dissertation theme "The Contribution of Calligraphy to the Development of Lettering". After attending to a calligraphy workshop he contacted for the first time with the classic calligraphy and it was in that moment that he began to nourish a passion almost obsessive by the art of writing. The artists who influence him come from a wide range of areas, from calligraphers, designers, illustrators and writers (graffiti). His greatest inspiration comes from what his experiences have given him, the people and the places that he had the privilege to know. His work presents a striking contrast between the modern and the old. While classical calligraphy models have great historical value, with demanding and strict features, graffiti contrasts by being less formal and offering more freedom in its creation. Reinventing these same models with his own identity and with influences of these two distinct periods, the artist transports techniques between the various platforms (human skin, murals, frames, etc ...) that develop simultaneously with a common factor among all of them: "Letter

Art work by Guizo