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Guy Denning

Every brush stroke, each apparent haphazard throw of paint is measured and purposeful. The paintings are visceral and earthy in their base colour palette. Crusted impastos are part lost in baths of delicate rose and warm brown glazes. The drips occasionally run upwards or sideways betraying the lie of Dennings' often stated 'lucky accident'. Aerosol stencilled text may signal the hit and run approach of the street artist, the torn and re-sewn canvases may take us back to the extreme of the Modernist notion of media as subject but Denning's work is far from being a collection of fortunate experiments that the artist just happened to collate or edit.

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Art work by Guy Denning

One Planet, One Choice, Paradise is Here by Guy Denning

5 Colour Screen Print
Size 84 cm X 25 cm
Price £85.00
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