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Hannah Adamaszek

Hannah Adamaszek injects new talent and energy in to the street art scene with her female portraits.  Earthy tones and harmonious contours have earned Adamaszek’s works a place on many an outside space.  Her portraits capture the sense of being, if only for a moment, where the beauty and timelessness of the world come into sharp focus. The women she paints are subtle yet strong, bold yet delicate; balancing these contradictions provide the individuality to each of her pieces. Hannah has been mentioned in publication such as The Independent, Free People and Daily Mail. She has travelled to exhibit in Spain, Belgium and Australia exhibiting her work. In 2013 she had her first Solo Show at Curious Duke Gallery in London and in 2014 her second at Fousion Gallery in Barcelona.  In 2015 she won the Most Outstanding Artwork at Femme Fierce.

Art work by Hannah Adamaszek

Turquiose Dream by Hannah Adamaszek

Ltd edition print
Size 21 cm X 15 cm
Price £70.00
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Fall of a Raindrop by Hannah Adamaszek

Giclee Print
Size 52 cm X 52 cm
Price £150.00
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Triumph by Hannah Adamaszek

Giclee Print collaboration with Kristin Gaudio Endsley
Size 50 cm X 50 cm
Price £150.00
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Desert Haze by Hannah Adamaszek

Giclee Print
Size 67 cm X 56 cm
Price £185.00
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Zella by Hannah Adamaszek

Oil & Spray Paint on canvas
Size 66 cm X 61 cm
Price £595.00
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The Awakening by Hannah Adamaszek

Ink & Pencil on paper
Size 38 cm X 29 cm
Price £200.00
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