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Hannah Raw

Hannah Raw is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Bristol.

Having a background in theatre / performance her visual work is also concerned with story-telling  
Through painting and song writing she explores how we can harness the power of our stories to shape and guide us and the younger generations.

Her creative process spans multiple disciplines - painting, screen printing, song writing and cake painting.

Through her work she explores the direct influence colour has on the soul and uses this to help communicate the stories we carry inside us.

She is a survivor from bereavement by suicide and painting has been a huge positive part of her ongoing healing journey.

Being a neuro-divergent female artist is a key component of her work.

Her work strives to create and celebrate a world where we can openly express the many multi-faceted parts of ourselves and not be pigeonholed into palatable, neat-sized chunks.

She has had screen-prints exhibited in The Holy Art gallery London and in Centre Space Bristol.

Art work by Hannah Raw