Self taught, Irony's industrial scale street artworks still retain a softness, painting freehand with spray paints, like an oil painter with a brush. On canvas too, across many subjects, there is always an inherent quality at the core. A distillation of that intangible grimy energy that is uniquely London.

Irony's recent works explore mixing classical portraiture with the grotty aesthetic of urban spaces. Bringing these neglected and unorthodox landscapes a decadence that romanticises them rather than hiding their ruin.

Irony is currently painting on other peoples things, being sarcastic to journalists and writing in the third person.

Art work by Irony

Irony by Irony

Open Edition Screen Print
Size 50 cm X 50 cm
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Self Portrait 2019 by Irony

Limited Edition Giclee Print, Edition of 25 // SORRY SOLD OUT
Size 50 cm X 70 cm
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Ruff by Irony

2 Colour Screen Print
Size 50 cm X 50 cm
Price £210.00
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