Jo Jo Fowl Plays | Upfest

Jo Jo Fowl Plays

Jojo Fowl Plays is a Bristol-based artist known for her vibrant creations across various mediums, from decor to digital to sculpture. Her work, filled with playful charm and fantastical creatures, invites viewers into a world of colorful imagination. Taking a step back from selling art at various markets around Bristol, Jojo is excited to be working on a solo project and is eagerly anticipating a solo show in 2025. Embracing each opportunity to share her vision with the world she’s thrilled to debut at Upfest this year, marking a milestone in her artistic journey. She is currently hard at work preparing for the launch of her website, where her artistic flair will find a digital home for her art as well as the much anticipated Fowl Plays clothing brand. Join Jojo Fowl Plays on this vibrant odyssey, where every stroke tells a story and art is alive.

Art work by Jo Jo Fowl Plays