Joan Aguiló

Joan Aguiló is a visual artist who studied illustration in the High School of design of the Balearic Islands and fine arts in Barcelona. He completed his formation during 2 years in Mexico D.F, in the National School of plastic arts, exposing in different galleries there and in Spain. He moves then to Berlin, where he becomes interested in Urban Art. From 2013 he resides in Mallorca, appropriating the public space and developing specially his works on and for the city of Palma. His drawings are usually characters, real and anonymous people from whom the artist stole an instant of their quotidian lives. A style that could define the Majorcan way of life, with the thoughts and traditions of a society. His proceeding is the stencil, and his idea to show identity and the poetics of being part, of being recognized in what your community taught you. From there he has been developing murals and street art in Spain, United Kingdom, France, Denmark or Germany.

Art work by Joan Aguiló