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Julius Abraham

Julius Abraham is a trained BBC3 comedy actor, stand up comic & winner of UpTheCreek gong show in Greenwich, Smoke & Mirrors gong show in Bristol & prolific perform throughout the UK. Julius has worked for BBC Bristol as a journalist, broadcast assistant & junior producer. 
He began his journey in Essex where he grew up & fell in love with break dancing, scratch DJ-ing & creating tracks. Intertwined in the breakdancing / Hip Hop movement was graffiti where he did his 1st piece on a wall outside a school when he was just 14. Shshsh!!! He took his inspiration from Wild Style, an American magazine that showcased graffiti pieces that were truly outstanding, vibrant & groundbreaking. He has now created a comedic show which incorporates elements of his faith, the movement with jokes, humour & insight.
This will be a unique, inspirational show with lots of laughs & crowd participation.

Art work by Julius Abraham

Steps to Paradise by Julius Abraham

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