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KASHINK's work questions aesthetic codes and the definition of identity. The
artist considers herself an activist, practicing a form of public art.

Over the past fifteen years, she has particularly developed her work in
street art, via murals or exhibitions, and has obtained international

Her large-scale, diversity-conscious murals have been painted in Paris,
Morocco, Miami, New York, Los Angeles and other various other cities
throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Since 2013, she has worn a mustache drawn on her upper lip like two lines
that are often seen above one’s eyes or placed as eyeliner. It is as much
about an artistic bias, shaking up gender codes, a daily performance, as it is
an activist sociological experiment, creating a social bond around deep
questions such as normativity or freedom.

She is regularly invited to speak at universities, which to date include
Nanterre, La Sorbonne, Michigan University or for talks such as TEDx.
The Huffington Post named her first in a list of “10 Women Street Artists Who
Are Better Than Bansky” in September 2014.

Street Art has allowed her pertinent social message to be accessed by a
broad audience. The book the artist is currently writing, in addition to the
short films and music she has created, remain coherent with her practice of
public art.

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