Coming from the alternative medium of the 1980s, Kristx has always been a compulsive draftsman mixing for her pleasure brush, pencils, bombs and rollers. Self-taught, her curiosity led her to discover the work of other artists with whom she learned and evolved her art. For 4 years she has devoted herself full time. Now based in Ivry sur Seine, she continues her work of oil painting with a knife and drawing with charcoal, while completing it with stencilling and the aerosol can. But its favorite supports remain the walls and the objects of recovery. His sense of line, volume and colors give a very personal touch to his compositions often marked by punk-rock iconography. For KristX, painting is a means of expression and sharing, she likes her work to be seen, admired, criticized. Her universe can be tender, melancholic, exotic, brilliant and disturbing, but it is this mixture that makes art first for her a moment of pleasure. In parallel to her street work as a soloist, she has been able to see her on a large number of collective projects, indoor and outdoor, such as Dirty Harry, Street Cats, Strokar in Belgium, Aucwin, Treille à quai, Art2rue Vitry, Festival of Hip Hop cultures ... After her first solo show at the Lavo // Matik in January 2015, she returned the cover in the end of 2016 with a colorful work that will allow us to measure the path traveled by this artist in just 2 years . And it is no surprise that she recently rose to third place in the Grand Prix du Graffiti at the Manufacture!

Art work by Kristx