Laurel Molly | Upfest

Laurel Molly

I work as an illustrator and animator in Bristol, UK. I’m always curious to look into human behaviour and our world, telling stories through loose lines and gentle colours. My personal work draws from cultural influences, inspired by the nuances of everyday life, people’s interactions and architectural aesthetics. Through illustration we can portray emotive subjects in a soft manner. The use of metaphor can serve as a a powerful tool to convey complex concepts and enable understanding therefore I like to use birds, flowers and shapes as metaphors in my artwork.

This illustration is called Overwhelming Embrace. It symbolises humanity‘s profound love for the sea, depicted through embracing arms. Yet we smother it under the weight of our exploitation. The piece also draws inspiration from Lenny, the character from John Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice and Men’, commenting on the delicate balance between love and destruction

Art work by Laurel Molly