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Lea Lloyd

Lea Lloyd's colourful and dynamic geometric artworks utilise colour, shape and pattern.

Lea Lloyd is a graphic designer, screen printer and painter based in Bristol. By trade Lea works as a graphic designer, away from the day job and client brand guidelines she loves to create patterns - exploring layering shapes, bold colours and repeated patterns.

Lea's current portfolio is a split between carefully constructed geometric paintings/giclee prints and a looser style of patterns where she screenprints repeated shapes, building up layers observing the interactions of colours of the inks to create unique one-off prints. 

In her geometric paintings the blank spaces are as important as the painted parts and intentional in making the whole picture a reference to her life and where she is today. The tight hard edge lines are a fascination and slight obsession and joy comes from making these paintings.

Lea has over 20 years' experience in the arts with her print work being a constant strand alongside her day job she has worked as a fabric fashion designer, greeting card designer and in the baby/children’s clothes sector… but has come full back circle to her first love of creating patterns.

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Art work by Lea Lloyd