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Liam Bononi

Brazilian based in Liverpool - UK, Liam Bononi started his career as a self-taught street artist in 2007. 
Since then, he has been refining his art, combining realism and different textures, using materials like acrylic paint,  sprays and dry pastels. His pieces represent the quest for the divine essence that inhabits each one of us and his art is a narrative about the human beings'  transformation through self-knowledge and search of the self true. The expressive of the eyes and hands are distinctive features that are present in most of his works. His artworks can be seen in many cities in Brazil and also in countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy and UK.

Art work by Liam Bononi

Religare by Liam Bononi

£100 OFF - LIMITED TIME OFFER Eleven Layer Screen Print
Size 80 cm X 60 cm
Price £150.00
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Treasure 001 Hand Finished by Liam Bononi

Screenprint Ed.10 Hand Finished with Gold Leaf
Size 40 cm X 50 cm
Price £200.00
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Treasure 001 by Liam Bononi

Screenprint Ed.20
Size 40 cm X 50 cm
Price £120.00
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