Likes Wan Tu | Upfest

Likes Wan Tu

Introducing Artist Likes Wan Tu from  Somerset, a vibrant member of the Pretty Little Vandalz crew. Wan Tu’s signature style featuring an array of colorful characters that blur the lines between graffiti and street art. With a passion for merging boundaries and pushing artistic limits, each of Wan Tu’s pieces tells a story that captivates viewers and sparks conversations. 

Wan Tu’s journey into the world of street art took an unexpected turn after an accident ended his career in health. However, this setback opened the door to a new chapter, allowing Likes  Wan Tu to dedicate more time and energy to his  artistic endeavors. Since then, Likes Wan Tu has immersed  him self into the urban art scene, leaving their mark on walls and surfaces across the south west and beyond   

Art work by Likes Wan Tu