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Mau Mau

Mau Mau, a British graffiti virtuoso renowned for his international allure, infuses his art with wit and charm. Seamlessly weaving political, environmental and cultural narratives, his signature fox character adds a playful touch to his creations. Hailing from the serene surf-laden landscapes of North Devon Coast, Mau Mau infuses his art with a rustic elegance honed over two decades. He has traversed the globe, leaving his mark on shipwrecks, surfboards, billboards and city walls alike. With a portfolio spanning collaborations with Green Peace, Woodland Trust, Surfers Against Sewage and iconic events like the Glastonbury Festival, Mau Mau's sold out exhibitions serve as global showcases of his talent.

Art work by Mau Mau

Go Tresspassing by Mau Mau

Spray Paint on Canvas
Size 79.7 cm X 79.7 cm
Price £2500.00
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Talking Out Of My Art by Mau Mau

Renowned street artist Mau Mau is set to unveil his vibrant and thought-provoking new book, Talking Out Of My Art, inviting readers into the dynamic world of street art like never before. This highly anticipated release promises a visual and intellectual feast, exploring the intersection of art, culture, and social commentary through Mau Mau's unique lens.
Size 25.5 cm X 25 cm
Price £30.00
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