Max 'Syther' Oughton | Upfest

Max 'Syther' Oughton

East Anglian based artist. Studied Graphic Communications at Norwich Uni of Art. My true passions lie within art and illustration, dabbling with digital, but predominantly working within traditional mediums, mainly water colour and inks. Recently finding a niche in animal studies/illustrations, and aiming to portray their expressions, personality and characteristics through style used. I enjoy throwing paint on anything I can get my hands on; walls, paper, guitars and skateboards…. Using whatever I can get my hands on - spray, pens etc! As well as sometimes branching in to sculptural work. Most of my work takes on an urban identity, due to being heavily influenced by graffiti/street art culture and underground music - As well as live painting and running our clothing stall 'BWear' at music festivals, most of my commissioned work is within the UK music scene, including work for Erb n Dub, Twizzy and more. 

Art work by Max 'Syther' Oughton